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We must live with it, because we certainly can’t live without it. The case is such with the population’s social media addiction today. For everything from booking a hair salon appointment to buying a house, social media is the first place to approach. There, people consume content, connect with businesses, build relationships, and engage directly with brands.  

Because of the incessant obsession with social media, any other kind of marketing should seem pretty redundant to brands nowadays. In the near future, it looks likely that the importance of social media marketing will continue to grow. Here are a few of the advancements you can expect. 

Heavy Artificial Reality 

First the screens got bigger and bigger, and then phones became phablets. This clearly shows that people are getting interested in more immersive technologies as the years pass. It would not be conjecture to assume that next year will bring more experimentation in artificial reality or a heavily augmented one. 

Facebook has already introduced 360 degree pictures and videos; more platforms are following suit. When devising marketing strategies, keep in mind how VR could be incorporated. 

Chat Bots and AI 

A primitive example of chat bots being used in businesses is automated messages on social media. As people type in a message to businesses, they receive a message thanking them for reaching out and a promise to get back later. 

Soon, this entire system will be overhauled to include much newer technology as artificial intelligence gains ground. This will make the online experience even more prompt for users. 

Videos will become Primary 

In the coming year, videos on social media will become the foremost form of content. It will soon overtake pictures and text blocks alone. This is why creating more video content should be on top of every SMM strategy list. 

Besides, videos keep users engaged with the content for a longer time, which means it fares better for you. You will be able to judge, and social media algorithms will help you, what content is working for your target audience and what isn’t. 

Important Source of News 

When people needed information earlier, people addressed news websites only. Now, it is more important to them to gain multiple perspectives on the matter and come to the conclusion themselves. Twitter, for example, offers everyone the opportunity to say something about a trending issue.  

You can also take advantage of this by being involved in up and coming issues from around the world. Keeping up with the fleeting trends and riding the wave instead of being under it is important for the future of your business.  

Buying through Social Media 

Right now, people are redirected to third-party websites in order to make purchases. It is likely that social media will also try to enter into the product and service hosting website. Businesses are already buying ad spaces that these sites lend out. We have yet to see how much further this will progress in the future.  

More Engagement 

In an age where nobody has any extra time, customers expect more from the brands they choose. On top of impeccable service and no room for mistakes, it is also expected that their queries will be immediately answered and they will be given prime customer service.  

In this regard, social media already helps businesses engage closely with their current and potential customers. It has become so important that quality almost comes second! In your next meeting, give your customer relations team a heads up.  

Social Media as Search Engines 

Because the information posted on social media is perceived to be more reliable than that found widely on the web, social media is already acting as a sort of search engine where certain kinds of information can be gained. 

Extending our Twitter example, when we learn of a recent issue and want to know what the masses or public figures are saying about it, we head on to the trending section and go directly through the hashtags. As the algorithms learn more, social media as search engines will become more prevalent.   

More Mini Networks 

This should not come as a surprise; as there are additions in the user database of social media websites, people get more profoundly connected and the community grows. On many social media, there are options for creating microcosms that are based on similar problems, concerns, interests, careers, and much more! 

Mini social network communities centered on particular topics will become more common in the future. This will make specialized information available at a moment’s notice. Whatever niche or topic people look for, they will find it. For SMM, this will change the target audience algorithms completely. 

As it becomes increasingly easier to own a business today, the competition gets even tougher too. Brands have to step up and make serious efforts for effective social media marketing; novel methods to do this are being explored as we write. 

If you feel like everything we told you is too complicated to address and want to improve your social media marketing strategy with the times, maybe it is time to hire a professional. At Business Marketing Solutions Group, we give you the complete consultation you need.

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