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Welcome to the Business Legends Podcast! Today, we’re excited to host Chad Jenkins, the CEO of SpeedSpark and a renowned Serial Entrepreneur.
In this episode, we’ll delve into Chad’s inspiring journey as a self-made entrepreneur, which took flight from his early ventures in equine entrepreneurship and landscaping, all the way to his strategic alliance with Nextel Communications. Chad’s unique approach to business, combining attentive listening, strategic principles, and a knack for identifying growth opportunities, has propelled him to the forefront of business innovation.
Through our conversation, we’ll explore how Chad’s unique abilities to envision and connect unconventional dots have led to revolutionary results in the business landscape. We’ll also discuss his commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and his contributions to promoting growth and innovation in the business community.
Want to learn more about Chad and his influential work in entrepreneurship and business leadership? Follow him on his socials:

SeedSpark Website: ⁠⁠https://seedspark.com/⁠
Chad’s LinkedIn: ⁠⁠⁠⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/chadtjenkins/⁠

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