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Social Media Management Services

Diversify and Broaden your reach to Maximize Lead Generation

Social Media. It has saturated the global digital landscape and become a part of many people’s lives. In fact, it is the primary source of income for many social media influencers.

In the U.S., more than 70% of the total population has some form of social media presence. The average user spends more than two hours scrolling and switching between different social media platforms. Surprisingly, only 26% of businesses utilize social media in their marketing efforts.

Don’t be one of these businesses and make use of these platforms to your advantage. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more; these are all there for you to optimize and use to expand your reach to your audience and increase traffic to your website. Plus, it will allow you to create a persona that your audience will be able to connect with.

Expert Social Media Management Services

While social media is a great resource, its proper management is necessary. Combined with expert curation and meticulous maintenance, it will enable you to earn a better ROI. However, maintaining a cohesive and relevant social media presence can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

We here are Business Marketing Solutions Group understand the details that go into managing various social media platforms. Committed to ensuring attention to detail, we offer comprehensive social media management services.

Business owners already have their plates full. So we provide our team’s expert and eclectic experience along with all the tools they use to manage your social media platforms effectively.

Brand Awareness

The right social media strategy is key to gaining more followers and expanding your exposure to a larger audience. The more followers you have, the better the chances of spreading a good word of mouth.

Social media experts in our team will study your audience’s demographics and consumer behavior patterns to create custom social media campaigns to get more followers.

Building Website Traffic

Social media platforms enable you to redirect your audience to your website. We design campaigns so that a high volume of traffic is redirected to your website from your social pages.

This will have a direct impact on the number of leads you qualify and overall sales from your website. We can further increase the volume by integrating retargeting adverts.

Creating Engaging Relationships

On blogs and websites, conversation with your audience is just one-way. Social media platforms remedies that by allowing your followers to communicate and engage with you. Comments, like, inbox messages, etc., on social media posts are a great way to build connections.

Being able to engage with your brand and you responding to them, makes them feel like your business cares about them. With an engaged audience, you will be able to build stronger connections.

Well-read social media experts implement the latest social media trends, customizing the nuances of the platform to your needs to attract your targeted audience.

Take the Right Social Media Campaign Approach with Us

  • Hash it out. Drop us a message to talk to one of our team members about what you’re looking for your social media management needs.
  • Get your social media manager. You will be assigned a social media manager who will research and monitor your social media platforms.
  • Roadmap to success. Once your account manager is well-versed with your business and its needs, they will start coming up with content and social media strategies.
  • Daily management. Once content calendars and adverts are lined up, the account manager will monitor your social media activity daily with organic tactics.
  • You will receive regular monthly reports that show how your social media campaigns performed.
  • Get Expert Social Media Management Services

    Our social media management services are backed by integrity and constant improvements. Let us assist you in improving your bottom line and help your business grow.

    Find out how we can help you climb the charts of brand awareness.

    Catering to All Your Digital Marketing Needs Under One Roof

    Specializing in a range of digital marketing areas, we can become your partner helping you achieve growth goals.


    Find better keywords with keyword research and further strategic search engine optimization to get your brand the visibility it deserves.

    Social Media

    Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more; we utilize your brand image to tell your story.

    Email Marketing

    From monthly newsletters to product launches and seasons campaigns, your email campaign will become your highest ROI-earning digital marketing channel.

    Google Ads & PPC

    We will provide you with assistance and support for your pay-per-click marketing. Leveraging relevant keywords for your business, we’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website.

    Website & Logo Design

    Whereas your logo is the face of your brand, your website is the place where customers make up their minds about you. Our designers can come with up logos and website designs that ensure visitors remember you as the best.

    Public Relations & Event Marketing

    A strong network and channel expertise allow us to offer you public relations and event marketing services that derive the desired response to make your campaigns successful.

    Review Management

    Whether online or offline, your reputation is your biggest asset. Protect and take control of what that looks like with our online reputation or review management services.

    Digital Marketing

    Our team of digital marketers with specific area expertise raises the bar of what works for your business. From the basics of conducting a target market analysis to creating complex multi-channel campaigns, they can do it all with authenticity and creativity.

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