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Email Marketing Services

Gain Credible Leads and Boost Revenues with a Powerful Email Marketing Campaign 

With the saturation of competition in today’s dynamic 24/7 online world, consumers are constantly connected. As a result, there is too much noise in the market, making it excessively difficult for the smaller players to stand out.

Email marketing is one solution that works. With an average of 4400% return on investment, email marketing campaigns are not only affordable, but they are highly effective in gaining qualified leads.

More than a hundred billion emails sent every hour, approximately 92% of the U.S. adults use their email account on a daily basis. According to a Campaign Monitor survey, more than 70% of email users have used a coupon or discount code they received in their email.

Knowing the impact of an effective and well-planned email marketing campaign, we at Business Marketing Solutions can help you get better leads. We do it right. Starting with studying your needs and business, we come up with relevant content that has the potential to make you stand out.

Turn Visitors into Leads

Gaining traffic from various marketing efforts, such as content marketing and social media exposure, isn’t enough. With businesses immersed in this level of completion, you need to be vigilant about turning your visitors or prospects into qualifying leads. We will utilize our best resources to build an email campaign that makes you memorable. When you’re at the top of your prospects’ minds, you have better chances of converting them into a customer and boosting your sales. Instead of falling into the trope of standard email marketing campaigns, we help you design personalized solutions that help you build relationships with your readers and prospects. With that, we go beyond what advertising is and does.

Get Leads

Using our expertise, we’ll create emails that remain in the readers’ minds for a long time. We can help you be memorable.

Customized Campaigns

For different types of customers, there will be different emails. A brand new customer will not be receiving the same email as a long-term one.

Integrated Content Marketing

Instead of spamming and badgering your customers, we’ll employ the tactics of content marketing. We’ll provide useful and insightful information to build your brand.

More Impressions

On average, it takes nine impressions to convert a lead into a customer. Email marketing provides opportunities to make multiple impressions.


One main benefit of working with us is having your sales funnel automated, so you can schedule your emails and let the auto-responders send routine emails.

Why Email Marketing

Some people will have you believe that email marketing is obsolete. However, high ROI records and the number of people still checking their email multiple times a day have proved them wrong.

When done right, email marketing is one of the simplest, cost-effective, and efficient marketing practices.

  • Increase the number of qualified leads interested in your product or service.
  • Allows you to make the messages more personalized for the reader to build a connection.
  • You can monitor and customize your campaigns easily.
  • Budget-friendly and high ROI enables you to earn more than you spend on marketing.
  • Allows you to reach a larger group of mobile customers around the world.
  • Automating emails prompts relevancy and timeline accuracy.

There is much more in favor of a good email marketing campaign.

Leverage your Offering with Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Talk to Business Marketing Solutions about your email marketing campaign today and get started on getting strong leads.

Catering to All Your Digital Marketing Needs Under One Roof

Specializing in a range of digital marketing areas, we can become your partner helping you achieve growth goals.


Find better keywords with keyword research and further strategic search engine optimization to get your brand the visibility it deserves.

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more; we utilize your brand image to tell your story.

Email Marketing

From monthly newsletters to product launches and seasons campaigns, your email campaign will become your highest ROI-earning digital marketing channel.

Google Ads & PPC

We will provide you with assistance and support for your pay-per-click marketing. Leveraging relevant keywords for your business, we’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website.

Website & Logo Design

Whereas your logo is the face of your brand, your website is the place where customers make up their minds about you. Our designers can come with up logos and website designs that ensure visitors remember you as the best.

Public Relations & Event Marketing

A strong network and channel expertise allow us to offer you public relations and event marketing services that derive the desired response to make your campaigns successful.

Review Management

Whether online or offline, your reputation is your biggest asset. Protect and take control of what that looks like with our online reputation or review management services.

Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketers with specific area expertise raises the bar of what works for your business. From the basics of conducting a target market analysis to creating complex multi-channel campaigns, they can do it all with authenticity and creativity.

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