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The Results

Pulling Ahead In The Race

Shifting our Google Ads and Social Media strategy had an almost immediate improvement that avalanched into sustained growth for Potamkin Hyundai

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Supercharge Your Dealership Online

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First Gear

$1,995/mo. + AdSpend

Shifting Into Our First Gear
DRIVE Package Includes:

Advanced AI-Driven Predictive Search Engine Marketing

  • Analytics Installation
  • Custom Dealership Dashboard (Automatically updates every 30 minutes)
  • Best-in-class campaigns:
    • Model-Specific Search Campaigns
    • Ad-planned Display Campaigns
    • Remarketing for Reconsideration and Top-of-mind
  • Co-op submissions for approval
  • Monthly KPI

Second Gear

$3,995/mo. + AdSpend
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Shifting Into Our Second Gear
ACCELERATE Package Includes Everything From DRIVE plus:

  • Content Development
  • Social Media Management
    • 3-4x posts/week on FB/IG
      • Brand-driven announcements
      • Dealership-specific outreach
      • Ad Planner-consistent posts
    • AI-Driven Campaigns:
      • Model-Specific Campaigns
      • Monthly Leasing/Financing Specials
      • “Like Our Page” to grow page and interaction
      • Limited-Time Offer Lead Magnets
    • On-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      • Fixing Broken Links
      • Ensuring Proper Visibility of all pages
      • Spellcheck/Grammar Check and Readability on all pages
      • Updating Meta-descriptions, Headers, and Tags
      • Dedicated SEO Dashboard
      • ADA Compliance with updated posts

Third Gear

$9,495/mo. + AdSpend
[Best Value]

Shifting Into Our Third Gear
TURBO-CHARGE Package Includes Everything From ACCELERATE plus:

  • Extensive keyphrase and competitive research
  • 4x 1,500 word Articles/mo. on latest Marque news, exciting new subjects, and SEO-driven writing
  • 10x High Domain authority backlinks (>50 DR)/mo.
  • Monthly comparative dashboard
  • Integration with Dealership
    • Community Involvement
    • Unique Dealership Propositions and Engagement

Working with Us

Step 1


A member of our team will have a Zoom Consultation with your dealership to discuss:

  • Monthly Volume
  • Co-Op Possibility
  • Current Marketing Endeavors
  • Past Marketing Endeavors
  • Service Offering
    • What service of BMSG’s makes the most sense for your dealership and why?

After the initial consultation, our representative will answer any questions you have about a service undertaking with us to make sure you receive the highest quality level of service.

Step 2

Get Started

After you’ve decided what service package works best for your dealership, our team will schedule an onboarding call. On this call, we will:

  • Introduce our team (and your dedicated project manager) to your team
  • Take administrative privileges of relevant channels
  • Brand exploration – What makes your dealership unique? Why?
  • Define what a “Win” is for your dealership and our team working together.
  • Establish communication channels – We use Slack for the convenience of our clients, to make sure nothing gets displaced in an email.

Step 3

Ongoing Maintenance

Just like your vehicle, your marketing contract needs to stop and get an oil change every now and then. This is why we perform:

  • Weekly ad maintenance to make sure all ads are optimized
  • Monthly KPI Calls with our dealers – all efforts are transparent
  • Agile Campaign Shifts – Want to market a different model? We’ll get the campaign up within a few business days
  • Quarterly Marketing Consulting– We want to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your Program

Learn More About What We Do To

Supercharge Your Dealership Online

We Helped Shift Their Dealership Into Overdrive

Cross The Finish Line To Take Your Dealership To The Next Level!

The Challenge

Driving Up Online Sales

Before partnering with Business Marketing Solutions Group, Potamkin Hyundai was generating very little revenue from its online presence. They relied heavily on referral customers, marquee marketing, and direct mail.

This helped in some areas of the dealership, but they knew that if they wanted to scale, they would need to improve their online presence.

They had some digital initiatives; however, they were underperforming on channels that have high returns – Google Search and social media.

Our Solution

Drift Into A Better Market Strategy

After meeting with the top executives, we learned that in order to scale their digital side to drive more traffic, we needed a strategy that undercuts their competition.

To do this, we focused our efforts on Competitive, OEM, and Popular Model Google Search Campaigns. This allowed them to keep their advertising costs low, use the marquee co-op allotted to them, and beat the competition by focusing on terms that other dealers we’re not using.

In addition, we also focused on social media through paid initiatives and organic content.

Our paid strategy included targeting seasonal specials, local area pushes, and creating lookalike audiences to attain more of their existing customers.

For organic social media, we spent a lot of time creating Facebook Marketplace Listings, local group shares, customer testimonials, CPO & new vehicle branding.

Shifting our Google Ads and Social Media strategy had an almost immediate improvement that avalanched into sustained growth

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