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Marketing is moving toward video over static content, and YouTube is where your business needs to be. Are you using YouTube for Business? If not, then you’re missing out.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. Since the video streaming platforms launch in 2005, it has become a modern media powerhouse with 30 million daily visitors, 500 hours of video uploads every minute, and over 6 billion hours. But have you ever considered YouTube Business Promotion?

YouTube Business Promotion

From a business perspective, you cannot deny video marketing’s effectiveness with consumers actively looking for more information on products, services, and events. Creating and posting business content on your YouTube channel is a great way to boost your visibility and credibility with a potential monthly audience of close to two billion.

Like Facebook and Twitter, the platform is now more social and influential than ever, which is why organizations are actively pursuing YouTube Business Promotion to add to their marketing strategy. For individual users, the platform is pretty straight forward, but running a business YouTube channel is much more complicated.

Here are 11tips to turn your youtube channel into a promotion hub for business:

1.     Regular Content Upload

If you research the most popular YouTube channels, you’ll see that they consistently upload content. This should be your aim if you want to use YouTube for Business Promotion. If you manage to grab attention, you need to keep it by keeping the content coming regularly.

New content producers usually don’t know how to produce different content regularly, but there are plenty of ways to create a series of videos. You can create short tutorials, unboxings, demonstrations, interviews with owners, staff, and customers as well. The creative possibilities are endless.

2.     Call to Action

You don’t upload a video so viewers can watch and leave without reacting. Think about how you want viewers to respond to your videos. Obviously, you’d like them to subscribe, like, or leave a comment, but there’s so much more, especially if you’re promoting goods and services. Possible CTAs can include leaving feedback regarding your offerings, links to your business website and social media channels, or directions to your store.

3.     Interact with Your Audience

If people begin to like your videos and leave comments, respond to all feedback as soon as possible irrespective of whether they’re positive or negative. Your aim at this time should be to personally build interaction with your audience and hunt for possible leads. For example, if someone asks in the comment section, ”how can I buy this product,” you should pounce on this potential customer before they lose interest. 

4.     Customize Your Channel

You can customize your business YouTube channel with different colors, images, links, and information. Remember, you’re not just selling your products or services but also building your brand identity. Your channel should include your logo, business color palette, slogans, and relevant information, so viewers know that they’re dealing with an authentic business.

5.     Work on Your Titles

YouTube’s search engine works the same way as Google. So, you can apply the same search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in your YouTube Business Promotion, such as keywords, phrases, and titles. This way, viewers can find you in their search results. You would get more clicks if your video was titled “5 features to look forward to on [Your Company’s] app, as compared to “App Demo.”

6.     Choose the Right Category and Tags

When uploading your business promotion videos on YouTube, you have to choose a category for it and enter relevant tags or keywords. You can choose from 15 different categories and add dozens of tags. In this time, YouTube also makes tag suggestions, which we recommend you use since they’re based on what people search regularly.  For example, if you sell phones, you can also use tags like ‘cellphones,’ ‘smartphones,’ or ‘latest phones.’

7.     Write a Proper Description

Keep your video descriptions short, concise, and informative. Try to avoid difficult words and keep a simple vocabulary since you’re likely to land visitors from different parts of the world. Your video description should include your main keywords and link to your business website, blog, or social media page.

8.     Think About Collaborations

YouTube collaborations are popular, and they allow you to expand your reach. You can collaborate with local celebrities, if possible, other businesses like yourself or other YouTubers as well. Many YouTube channels are actively on the hunt for collaborations so they can take advantage of this win-win scenario.

9.     Post Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are great for building trust and confidence in visitors or potential customers. Many businesses have also posted video interviews of customers using their products or services to give others the extra pish to try it out for themselves.

10.   Use Subtitles

Turning on subtitles on YouTube allows you to target impaired users, as well as those who cannot understand your language well. Reading what you have to say might answer their questions better as compared to hearing. Besides, most streaming services, movies, and shows come with subtitles. So, why should video content on YouTube be any different?

11.   Multi-Channel Upload

Don’t just stick with YouTube. Share your video content on different channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you post a new video cutting through the online noise, write a blog post about it, and embed the video on your website.

The Takeaway

YouTube is now the place where billions of consumers go to discover businesses just like yours. It’s time to start using all the online resources at your disposal so you can turn your branding ambitions into reality.

And if you require more information on getting started with YouTube Business Promotion, we recommend you try the services of Business Marketing Solutions Group.

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