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An audit is one of the most crucial aspects of any business. The majority of business owners across industries audit practically everything from taxes to in-house performance and operations. This is done continuously to look for room for improvement and conform to the highest industry standards. Since everything is being audited, so why not your digital marketing campaigns?

Just like any other audit, conducting a digital audit is equally critical and essential to ensure the success of your marketing campaign. If we got you wondering why and how is digital audit important, then read on to find out. We have it all covered in this post, but first, let us give you a quick overview of what exactly is a digital audit.

Digital Audit — It’s Not a Fancy Word; It is For Real

To begin with, a digital marketing audit is not some fancy terminology. It is an inspection of all the strategies, practices as well as outcomes of what a business has been doing in order to establish and improve its digital world presence.

Digital audits should be conducted from time to time. It helps review and examines every aspect of your digital campaign such as:

  • Web design and content
  • Your Keyword usage, SEO, and how you have implemented it on different pages and in your blog
  • Social media performance
  • Overall content assessment including web pages, social media posts, video content and blogs

Simply stated, an audit truly gives you the opportunity to examine what is working for your business digitally and what isn’t; and more importantly what requires fine-tuning in order to get you the return on investments that you have been looking for.

It is a customized and comprehensive report that is designed to help your organization leverage on digital to effectively meet strategic goals.

Why is Digital Audit Important?

Let’s dig a little deeper into the elements of digital audits to understand it better and see why they are important to your online business success:

Digital audit is important to help your business thrive, gain, and sustain success. Most audits begin with SEO audit. The SEO audit is divided into three parts—technical, content, and authority.

The technical section focuses on identifying accessibility and visibility issues related to your website’s architecture, markup, and server configuration. Meanwhile, the content audit focuses on analyzing:

  • The on and off-page keyword usage
  • How keywords rank
  • What keywords bring most organic traffic
  • Keywords that are not competitive at all

The authority section of the SEO audit focuses on finding broken links, social signals 404 redirects, and dead links—all of them can otherwise hurt your search engine ranking. Thus, through SEO audits, you can identify all these issues right away and correct them before damage is done.

Furthermore, you can assess the value of link backs through audits and make sure that the links that you are using now contribute to your business success or not. It also enables you to assess any Google updates and algorithms that may be introduced time and again and ensure that your website is in conformance with them.

The Content Marketing Audit

As content is the king, it is vital that you continuously reassess your content marketing strategy. This aspect of the digital audit is not just about SEO, but it mostly focuses on the quality, originality, and relevance of the content.

In other words, it inspects whether or not your content is relevant, fresh, and attractive to your target audience. Besides this, through a content marketing audit, you can also determine whether you’re leaving ideal customer segments out. Moreover, you can tap new opportunities to weave read-engaging and share-worthy content such as:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • eBooks and more

Social Media Audit

Social media, as you may already know, plays a pivotal role in increasing customer engagement, brand awareness, and reputation. Put simply, it makes your brand attractive to your potential customers. However, how well and carefully you use social media to your business advantage can be best assessed and improved through the digital audit of your social media pages.

During the digital audit phase, the auditor checks the profiles that have been launched, address how many followers, likes, shares, and interactions that you have received. Other factors that are audited are hashtag strategy and the frequency at which you publish new posts to keep people hooked and engaged with your brand.

Competitor Audit

The competitor audit provides you with the data and insights that you need about and to better understand competition. The insights help you learn things like:

  • Where they are more successful
  • What they are doing right
  • What they are doing wrong

All these insights are valuable as they help guide how you tailor your digital marketing strategy and gain an edge over them.

PPC Audit

These audits help you evaluate the performance of your paid ads and make them for optimum returns on investments. A PPC audit inspects key components of a paid search ad and their effectiveness. For instance your advertisement may be excellent and may draw customers to your website but let’s say your landing page doesn’t mirror what the PPC ad details so as a result your customers bounce off. But if you audit your pay-per-click ads regularly you would be able to identify this loophole and fix it, thereby achieving better results.

Final Word

A digital audit is crucial for online business success. It is what you need to evaluate, assess, and determine the power of your implemented digital marketing strategy to achieve targeted results and ROIs.

It’s true that for startups and SME’s digital marketing audit can be a time-consuming process, especially with limited resources. This is where we can help. We are an experienced and reputable digital marketing agency specializing in auditing services. Allow our team to audit your strategy and provide you, value-adding insights and solutions, that help you spear through competition and rank higher for your industry search engine results.

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