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Online advertising is a highly essential marketing tool for businesses nowadays. According to Google, a huge majority of consumers – 97% to be exact – looks for information about businesses and people on the internet before they finally decide to get into business with them. Having a noticeable online presence is vital if you’re looking to stay head-to-head with your competitors. 

Online marketing enables you to target a wider audience and spread your message globally at a cheaper cost. While the preliminary step in establishing an online presence is the development of a website, JUST having a website for your business is not enough. It takes a lot more than that. To get the best results from a marketing campaign, you need to have an effective online marketing strategy

To help you step in the world of online advertising with a bang, we have listed down some of the most effective and promising online advertising strategies below.

  • Target Your Audience 

If your online advertising campaign is not targeted toward a particular audience, you aren’t going to get any returns out of it. Your online advertising campaign should always be targeted. You can analyze the demographics and psychographics of the traffic being generated on your website with the help of suitable analytical tools. You can then use this collected information to divide the visitors to your website into distinct groups and then generate targeted advertising content. The more targeted the advertising campaign is, the greater the lead generation will be. 

If a visitor feels connected to the content of your ad or if your ad is offering something that the visitor is already looking for, they are more likely to get attracted to the ad. The chances that these visitors will be converted into prospects, and then to customers, are higher. 

  • Personal Branding 

Personal branding helps you crack the code to an effective online advertising strategy, that is, trust and credibility. Personal branding doesn’t mean branding yourself as an individual, but rather, what your expertise is and what you have to offer the customers. Personal branding is all about letting the masses know that you are a guru in your field. 

If you establish yourself as a brand, you will be able to interact and engage with your customers directly. With direct interaction comes credibility and trust. Once you are past the barrier of building trust, recognition follows, and the chances that your customers will refer you to their contacts will skyrocket right away! Your relationship with your customers will get stronger, and your loyal customer base will expand. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a form of paid online advertising that helps you rise higher in the search results. The higher you are in the search results after someone searches the web for a particular keyword, the greater your online visibility will be.

According to statistics, about 92% of experiences online begin with a ‘search,’ and 90% of the links that users click on are organic. The traffic generated by search alone beats the traffic generated by social media by an incredible 300%. 

SEO is one of the best and the most effective online advertising strategies to boost organic traffic to your website as it enables you to reach people who are looking for services and products similar to what you are offering. This increases the chances of visitors converting into customers. 

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Pay-per-click is a paid online advertising technique that generates traffic inorganically. This strategy involves an advertiser, a publisher, and a user. The advertiser bids on specific keywords that will target a specific audience. These ads are then published on the top, bottom, or right side of a webpage such as Google. The advertiser pays the publisher every time a user clicks on the ad. 

According to statistics, ads that are placed on the top 3 ad spots receive 41% of the total clicks. Considering the immediate results in terms of the traffic generated, PPC is one of the most effective online advertising strategies used by nearly all businesses today. 

  • Native Ads

Native ads are the new hot cake in the world of online advertising. They are paid advertisements that are neatly embedded within the content of a website. They are placed on the website in such a way that they blend in with the theme, design, and visuals so perfectly that it is hard to tell them apart from the website’s content. 

Native ads, unlike other forms of advertisement, do not create an interruption in the user’s browsing experience. Instead of pop-ups or flashing ads that clearly appear as ads and that many visitors tend to scroll by, native ads appear to be a part of the website, and the viewer actually reads its content before scrolling past. 

Incorporating native ads into your online advertising strategy is sure to give you sure-shot returns in a very short span of time. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Today, social media is literally the heart and soul of online advertising. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a gigantic user base, which makes social media the most effective way to reach out to potential customers. 

The importance of social media marketing needs no exaggeration. In an age where the millennial generation believes in being religiously active on social media, using this very platform to market your products is the smartest thing to do.

Social media marketing does not give you results as quickly as SEO and PPC but comes with excellent potential for establishing a sustaining brand image. The right social media marketing tactics, coupled with the right content, is the most promising online marketing strategies today. 

  • Email Marketing

You can’t afford to be forgotten by your visitors and customers. As the saying goes – out of sight, out of mind. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in touch with your customers. Email marketing is one of the best ways to go about this. 

Although email marketing is challenging and difficult, it is associated with an excellent return on investment. Sending out targeted emails to subscribes and customers will keep you at the top of their lists. The success of this online marketing strategy entirely depends on how well the segmentation has been done. 

For example, you can group customers who have purchased something from your website in the past and send out emails informing them about an ongoing sale or new launches. Similarly, you can create a segment of people who added products in their cart but never completed the transaction and roll out reminders to them. 

This way, the recipients will feel connected to the content of your email, and these personalized emails will also make them feel important. As a result, the traffic to your website will increase, and the number of conversions will also soar significantly. 

  • Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has helped businesses get incredible boosts in traffic generation to their websites. Affiliate marketing involves marketing through a third-party. You pay a third-party marketer (affiliate) every time a visitor that is directed to your website through the affiliate links completes an action. 

The more visitors the affiliate website has, the greater the traffic generation to your website will be. Affiliate marketing is a highly effective online marketing strategy. It creates direct customers, unlike other forms of online advertising that create leads that need to be nurtured. 


The importance of establishing an online presence is something we all agree on. The question, however, is how to do so. Creating a smart and effective online advertising strategy is the key here. The stronger your online advertising strategy is, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be! Get Business Marketing Solutions Group help with all your social media marketing needs.

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