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If you are running a construction company and seriously looking to boost its online presence, you would have come across the term SEO. However, this is not enough. SEO is an umbrella term that addresses many aspects of online visibility and digital marketing. Local SEO is the offshoot of the search engine optimization practice that matters to construction businesses.

For a construction business, a more rewarding digital marketing investment would be working on its Local SEO. So, what is Local SEO, and how it affects and impacts the marketing efforts centered on promoting a construction business? We will answer these questions in this short yet full of information guide on Local SEO for construction businesses.

What Is Local SEO?

Let’s search for the keyword “top construction companies” on your computer or mobile. Google will show you the results that include top construction companies of “your area.” Google will give you these localized search results in line with your IP address or GPS location. Local SEO is the set of efforts that goes into curating all those construction companies’ websites you see on your screen upon this search query.

Importance of Local SEO for a Construction Business

As a construction business operator, you would be interested in knowing why you have to spend on Local SEO, especially when you have already invested in PPC and optimized your website. There are various reasons why you have to treat local SEO is a standalone marketing work for your venture.

Nature of Your Business

As a construction company, you work in a particular geographical radius. Like an online store or any digital service provider, you can’t deliver your construction services to pan-America. In short, you have to target a locality or set of localities to reach out to your potential customers, and local SEO will help you with it.

Clients’ Accessibility to Useful Information

A potential client of a construction company is more interested in knowing about its office address, operating hours, and phone number than any other information. Local SEO makes sure all such information becomes readily available to users in relevant search queries.

Better Lead Conversion

Local searches have a better lead conversion record than general searches with the same keywords. It has been estimated that nearly half of the people who run a local search on their phone visit the searched business the same day. Statistical reports also suggest that 18% of local searches on the phone convert into a purchase within a single day. This is an excellent conversion rate if we compare it with other lead conversion rates.

Construction Business, Local SEO and Google

It has been established that local searches and SEO can help a construction company growing its clientele and business. Now, it is also important to understand how Google uses its crawlers and algorithms to acknowledge your local SEO efforts and assess your position among the “top construction companies” of your area. Experts believe that following troika drives Google’s algorithms when it comes to setting the results of local searches.

  • Credibility and Prominence

The credibility of a construction company is an essential factor for Google to determine if they deserve a spot in top results. Google uses several pointers to assess the credibility of a construction company. Local SEO can play a major role in forming this credibility. We will discuss it in the next section.

  • Distance

Google decides whether your company’s name should appear in a local search query by assessing your geographic coordinates and the other companies based and listed in the same region.

  • Relevance

The relevance of your business to the keyword is also used to determine your position. For instance, a website optimized for “home construction” will appear first on pertaining keyword searches in comparison to a website optimized for other related keywords (e.g., construction services, affordable construction services, etc.)

Elements Affecting Local SEO of a Construction Business

Several elements affect local SEO of a construction business and, subsequently, its Google ranking for relevant local searches.

Uniform NAP

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. If you want Google crawling bots to take your construction business seriously, you need to make sure the same NAP appears across your web footprint (website, social media, directory listings, etc.)

Strong Local Link Building

The major part of Google’s assessment of a construction business’s credibility revolves around its local link building. When other credible local addresses point towards a business, in a way, they vouch for its credibility and legitimacy. A business that succeeds in creating healthy local link juice for its website aces Google’s local searches.

Reviews and Ratings

If you have worked with SEO experts, they have already set up your Google My Business (GMB) page. This page also affects your local SEO and search results. When you receive a positive organic review for your construction services on your GMB profile, it doesn’t just improve your search engine ranking but also helps in swaying the potential clients visiting your page.

Responsive Website

Google now also consider the responsiveness of a business’s website while ranking it in its searches. A mobile responsive website will rank above a traditional site designed for desktop display.

Local Keyword Density

The density of local keywords in the content of your website also matters for its local search engine optimization. However, avoid going overboard with the use of keywords. Crawler bots have become smart enough to detect keyword stuffing that is done for increasing the density. Also, keyword density alone won’t do much if you are not taking care of the other four elements of local SEO.

If you want to see your construction company appear in the top local searches, get in touch with Business Marketing Solutions Group. It will provide you the SEO experts that will work on every aspect of the local engine optimization to make sure your construction business’s website organically ranks among top relevant local searches.

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