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Having been in the digital marketing industry for quite some time, marketers will tell you how difficult it is to convince long-standing companies to use digital platforms. You will find many professionals continuously talking about its importance just so more businesses will be convinced.

If your company has made that decision and you’re now looking to invest in digital marketing, the question of who will do it remains. For startups and companies without sufficient expertise in this area, hiring a digital marketing agency is a much more advantageous option.

Not only does it relieve your expenses of hiring a full-time in-house employee, but it also makes the agency’s expertise accessible for your business.

Since the agency will be responsible for directing growth for your company on digital platforms, it’s important that you hire the right agency. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a major decision and one must tread carefully to prevent wasting their time and money.

Research, research, research…

We didn’t just write that three times for fun. Like any other significant business decision, this one also needs quite a lot of research beforehand. Here, research is centered on asking the agency as many questions as you want.

Bombard them with queries regarding their processes, the technology they use, how they strategize their motives, etc. The more you investigate, the better chances you have of hiring an agency that can propel your business’s growth even further.

If you’re not quite sure about what questions to ask a digital marketing agency, we have come up with a list you can use. Some of these may seem very basic but trust us when we say that they are the ones easiest to overlook.

Anyhow, let’s have a peek at these questions.

  • Who will be working for us?

Digital marketing agencies have multiple people working as account managers. These account managers are more than just that title. They are more like your confidants that basically become your partner in all your branding efforts.

Ask them who will become your confidant and become a part of your inner circle. Make sure you have a conversation with them and ensure they are a good match.

  • What’s your process or approach to digital marketing?

This mainly involves asking questions about which digital marketing areas the agency’s process is inclusive of. For example, do they offer SEO, PPC, email marketing, web development, social media marketing, etc.? What’s their approach to content marketing, lead generation, website optimization, etc.?

Asking questions about different areas of their digital marketing services will give you the chance to see where the agency’s expertise lies and whether or not it will be a good fit for your company.

  • What people play what roles?

If you’re hiring the agency for each aspect of digital marketing, you need to know who will be playing what role. Who is your graphic designer? Who will be managing the content? Who is running social media campaigns?

You need to sit down with them and meet the team together. You can take this as an opportunity to see if everyone is one the same page. After all, these people will be the ones digging into your company!

  • Do they outsource any part of the work?

Outsourcing is a common practice in the world of digital marketing. While some agencies have a big in-house team for every task, others do have a network of freelancers or professionals that provide certain niche services.

For instance, many agencies outsource content creation to content agencies or freelancers. This is a smart business practice as it is often more affordable than hiring in-house writers.

  • Can I see your client portfolio?

Experience counts when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency. The more experience an agency’s team has, the more finesse they will have in their work. This also gives you insights into what kind of companies they have worked for before. For instance, if you’re a lawyer looking for a digital marketing agency, finding one that has previously worked with law firms bodes well.

  • What do these clients say about you?

Client references and testimonials are important. Whether the agency collects the feedback through interviews, reviews forms or digital platforms, these references add credibility to the agency’s work. How those clients were dealt with and whether they were satisfied can sway your decision.

  • Can you provide insights into our particular industry?

There are all kinds of digital marketing agencies out there. While some of them work with clients across various industries, there are some agencies that target particular niche markets. You want to hire a digital marketing agency that is knowledgeable of your line of work. Or they should at least be comfortable taking it on.

  • What’s your technology stack?

For digital marketing agencies, this question basically discovers the software and programs they use to go about their tasks. There are many questions you can ask here. You can inquire about what programs they use to measure web traffic, engagement, ad impressions, conversion rates, etc.

You can also ask about the technical software they use for website development. What languages, coding methods, plug-ins, web servers, etc. do they use? How do they acquire the domain name? Will the websites be optimized and responsive? Are the websites inclusive of UX and UI integrations? Where do you host the websites?

All of these questions are important to gather if the agency is using the best arsenal available in the market.

  • How often will you be getting in touch with us?

Typically, the course of communication depends on the complexity, length, and goal of the project. However, the best digital marketing agencies out there maintain consistent lines of communications, sending regular updates, asking questions, etc. Take this time to find out how they communicate too. Is everything done over email, phone or video conference?

Hiring the agency that works for you

These questions are definitely not limited to the ones we’ve mentioned here. Take these as a guide and add/subtract/modify as you see fit. The objective here is hiring an agency that will enhance your marketing efforts so you can start climbing growth charts.

Business Marketing Solutions Group is willing to answer these questions and more. Just drop us a message or give us a call and we’ll figure out how we can help enhance your business’s potential.

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