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Marketing as a whole is an intriguing subject. The main concept driving it is tapping the minds of target audiences and convincing them to buy whatever product or service you’re selling. From this objective, the goal seems to be revenue generation.

However, this has become an obsolete ideology. Today, marketing has become much more than selling a product. It’s more about finding an audience with a certain pain point and providing them with a solution based on their needs.

With the while landscape making paradigm shifts, it is expected that marketing practices would also evolve and change. The advent of digital technology and the internet is where the game really changed and hyped up.

Now, digital marketing has become an equally important part of the overall marketing strategy. Why? Well, the majority of the world has access to the internet in some capacity. A huge chunk of this population is online throughout the day.

Companies now have the opportunity to reach and connect with their audience anytime, often not being hindered by global boundaries.

However, digital marketing can be an overwhelming task to comprehend and deliver when you don’t have a good understanding of it. Often, new or growing businesses and conservative or change-reluctant companies moving to digital mediums get flustered at the constant evolution.

How is one supposed to sustain an agile digital marketing strategy when there is so much to do?

In reality, the whole concept seems more intimidating than it actually has to be. Building a sound digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re not saying that you won’t have some difficulties and trial and error moments, but it’s doable.

If your company doesn’t have the right resources and lack the knowledge of digital marketing strategies, working with a professional such as the Business Marketing Solutions Group will be beneficial.

But even then, a little bit of education on the subject goes a long way. Here, we have explained a few effective digital marketing tactics that will improve the overall strategy, driving results that encourage growth.

Organic Social Media Growth

Social media marketing isn’t just putting up an image or sales offer on Facebook. In order to have the advertisement reach the maximum number of people in your audience, you have to invest time in it.

There are surveys that report that more than 70% of consumers are likely to use a company’s social media account to get customer support. This often involves sending personal messages on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, explaining your complaint or query.

In recent times, Twitter has become quite popular for customer complaints. People can directly tag companies with their complaint, posting publicly for the world to see. For example, Delta Airlines actively responds to tweets their flyers post about them.

Anyhow, organic growth on social media platforms creates stability. It is a great way to build trust with your audience. We can help you come up with strategies for increasing organic engagement. Once you have a good following, you can use paid promotion to boost it further.

Relevant & Sharable Content

This is very relevant to social media as it allows people to disseminate and share content within a few seconds. This is how things go viral. Many Thai companies are especially popular for making emotional and sentimental ads that spread like wildfire among the local audience.

So this way, creating emotional content is one option. You can make a short video or write promotional slogans that bring out an emotional reaction from your audience. For example, this Gillette ad shows a father teaching his transgender son how to shave for the first time. This ad is both relatable to people in a similar situation and is overall heartfelt and shareable.

Humor is another route you can take. But whatever tone you decide on, the content should have some value for the customer. Whether it’s a detailed how-to for a technical product or just something promotional, it should tell the customer how it will help them.

Social Proofing

One of the main targets of digital marketing is building trust between the brand and customers. You can do that by sharing useful content and delivering products that do what you promised them to do.

However, growing competition has made it difficult to grab attention with just these two tactics. Companies need to find a way to grab prospects’ attention, they need to do more.

Running a great organic social media campaign is great. If it’s successful, it will redirect traffic to your website, which is most likely professionally-designed, optimized, and easy to navigate. This is great for improved traffic. But how do you earn their trust and convert them into paying customers?

Social proofing is one effective way to do just that. This means that you provide the visitors proof that you have happy customers that already trust you. For the most part, this means gunning for testimonials and product reviews. These can be on your own website or on platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews.

Targeted Emails

No, we are not talking about the typical email campaigns you are taught about in sales gimmicks. This is focused on using email to connect with your existing audience. In lead generation terms, this would involve targeting sales qualified, marketing qualified, and produce qualified leads.

You can create targeted email lists and come with personalized content to connect with the audience. For example, if you have a list of customers that have already made a purchase with you, send them an email about ongoing sales and offers on the same or related products.

This can be a great way to build more enhance communication, nurture relationships, and generate more traffic on your website.

Is this all still overwhelming?

Don’t worry. If you’re not a professional marketer, it can take some time for you to get a hang of everything. Until then, we can help you out. Contact Business Marketing Solutions Group to get the discussion for your digital marketing strategy started.

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