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With approximately 2.5 billion active users, Facebook is an entire world in itself. Any business irrespective of its sector and size can’t ignore it anymore when it comes to promotion. For the longest time, Facebook was considered a promotional avenue only for conglomerates and big brands that have a footprint across countries and continents. However, this perception has changed in the last couple of years with the changing features and algorithms of the social media giant.

Now, when it comes to promotions, Facebook is effective for both small and local businesses and large organizations. If you are running a small enterprise and still don’t have forayed into Facebook marketing

and promotion, then read on. We are going to discuss how you can start the process with a shoestring or even with no budget at all.

A Starter Guide for Small Business to Use Facebook Marketing

Let’s look at some of the basic yet effective measures that any small enterprise has to take for promoting its business on Facebook.

Make a Dedicated Business Page

Even if you run a business that is known more by your name than its title and brand, you still need to create a Facebook page for it. Promoting your business via your personal profile can get you some promotion. However, it won’t help you in making the most of Facebook marketing’s potential.

When you create a dedicated page of your business, you can add more information about your business and brand. From adding the business address, contact details to text, video, and audio content, you have many ways to increase your online visibility through your Facebook page.

Gone are the days when businesses would publish whitepapers and buy airtime to introduce their new products and services. All of this can be carried out on a Facebook page, given you have curated it in the right manner. What’s the right manner to create and curate a Facebook business page? Let’s try to understand it in the below section.

Make Your Page a Happening Place

Creating a page is just the starting point of your Facebook promotion and marketing journey. You have to make it a happening place. By a happening place, we mean a page with a lot of impressions, clicks, and user engagement. Social media experts agree that you need to make at least a single post every day to keep your page relevant to your existing and potential customers. Also, these posts should not entail generic stuff and templates. Here are some measures that you can take to keep your Facebook page thriving with activity.

  • Frequently post about the untouched aspects of your business. Behind-the-scene videos, manufacturing processes, etc. are some pointers from where you can extract the content for the curiosity of users. Such posts don’t generate sales, but they prove to be effective in creating a strong impression of your company and somewhere helps in generating business on later stages.
  • Conduct surveys, ask questions, post interesting riddles (not the ones everyone has seen and solved a hundred times before). In short, add content that draws out a response from users consciously or unconsciously. Even high engagement on a single post goes a long way for the promotion of the business.
  • Facebook pages are also used as complaints and query portals. Many customers leave their complaints and queries in the comment sections of Facebook posts or directly tag the business page. By entertaining those queries and complaints, you can generate a lot of engagement on your pages.

You can also use many other tactics to make sure people keep coming on your page and interact there. It is important to understand that you can’t create engagement by “selling all the time.” Keep in mind that customers already know that you are a company that deals with some products and services. So, you don’t have to be salesy in every post.

Promotion of Page

User engagement and promotion of page are dependent on each other. So, while you are working at one, you have to work on the other as well. Ultimately, you want to ensure that your effort to create quality content can be appreciated by as many people as possible. In the beginning, you can promote your page by sending invites to your existing customers.

Adding the link of your Facebook page to your emails, text messages, flyers, and business cards is another way to give a head-start to your business page. Creating a QR code of your Facebook and using it in the promotional materials mentioned above can prove to be more effective. This will make it easy for people to access your page via their cell phones and without typing out the entire URL.

Generate Word of Mouth

Facebook is a virtual community and works pretty similar to traditional social groups. So, if you succeed in wooing one individual on the platform, they might generate multiple leads. The engagement and interaction of users on your page are visible to their entire friend lists. This indirect promotion also helps in creating a strong social media presence of your small, local brand.

Functional Benefits of Promoting Business on Facebook

Before we wrap up the article, it is imperative to put down the three functional benefits of Facebook promotion and marketing.

  • It comes free: If you don’t have any marketing budget, you can still use Facebook for the promotion of your business.
  • It is handy: You don’t need a team of experts and a set of workstations to carry it out. Promoting a small business on Facebook is so handy that you can do it from your smartphone.
  • Access to analytics: Facebook also offers free analytics of your page through Facebook Insights. You can find out how well a certain post on your page performed by knowing how many people it reached and how many of them interacted with it. This insight will help you in adjusting and modifying your marketing strategy.

If you want to have a more streamlined debut on Facebook, you can opt for professional third-party experts. Case in point: Business Marketing Solutions Group. This MSP entity can help you with all the digital marketing requirements of your business.

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