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It uses up a lot of brand owner’s energy in managing business accounts- leaving little time for the business itself. The ever-advancing online world is making it essential for brands to have multiple business accounts that to interact, engage, and learn from their current customers, and come in contact with newer ones. 

Quite a bit of effort goes into addressing the different styles of social media, the various kinds of user base, and the potential gain that would come out of being an active presence on a certain platform. Here are some tips that you will need if you are looking to manage all your social media business accounts together. 

Document Your Strategy 

First things first: you can’t just sit down, log in, and start posting on your business accounts as you please. For things to work, they must be working in a particular direction with a purpose in mind.  

Before beginning, you must decide what you want from each business account. The end goal is most important in order to build strategies and also to analyze them. For instance, brands use Twitter for immediate interaction with the customers, Instagram to gain more public attention with eye-catching pictures, and other social media platforms for other reasons. You might want to utilize your LinkedIn account to post jobs- the possibilities are endless! 

Try Management Software 

There are many apps and software available in the tech market today that can help manage multiple business accounts effectively. Instead of separately going to each app and signing in, these apps let you have everything on one screen. This saves you time and energy both. 

Some of these apps even let you know how long ago you posted on a certain account and which one has unread messages you have not addressed. This further helps in maintaining accounts and staying up to date. You can get free or paid versions depending on the services you require. 

Post Regularly 

We have mentioned this before and we will say it again: posting regularly is key when it comes to engagement with customers and successful social media management. The more frequently you are seen on top of the customers’ newsfeed, the more chances there are of them remembering your brand when the time comes. 

Of course, strong branding works hand in hand with this, but if your content is good and it is being posted regularly, you have a chance to stand out.  

Managing Client Engagement 

Establishing several accounts means you will be able to interact with different audiences. However, it is often difficult to keep up. You cannot spend all your time switching between accounts and responding to each customer’s every comment. It just isn’t a feasible use of your time. 

Instead, what you can do is divide the accounts between weekdays, and designate accounts to different days. This way, you will be able to thoroughly look into updates and form judgments. 

Make Several Versions of the Same Content 

When there are multiple accounts to manage, content can come up short too. To properly take care of this need for novel content, make several versions of the same content from different angles. Maybe an Instagram post could cover the visual aspect of a service or product, and a blog would be more beneficial if the business was being discussed as a subject matter. 

An Additional Kick 

Now, if a customer follows you on several business accounts, they might feel inclined to unfollow some if repetitive content appears. You have to keep them convinced that they are gaining something by following your brand and losing something if they unsubscribe.  

To make the content still interesting, there must be an additional kick to it that is not similar to other posts with the same keywords. A professional digital marketing team may be able to explain better. 


If you feel too overwhelmed, it is always preferable to delegate work to a more professional team. They already know what the current trends are and they can make it worth your buck to invest. If your company can afford it, you can have an internal team that dedicatedly looks after all your business accounts as their first priority. 

Start-ups, however, usually do not have that kind of liberty. For them, outsourcing the management of business accounts is the best idea that could be! 

Analyze Your Strategy 

Once your strategy is set in motion, you must also keep track of how well it is working. In fact, any effective strategy requires that feedback is collected, arranged, and then implemented. It is silly to continue to do the same thing and expect the results to be consistent.  

Marketing on several different accounts means this consistency has to be maintained across platforms, which could prove to be a challenging task for many brands.  Make sure you step back every couple of months and revaluate how things are working out for you. 

If you want to run a successful business, your marketing strategy cannot be laid back; it has to be aggressive, and it has to work! Even when you do manage to come up with a great one, it may not be productive to waste precious time managing your business accounts day and night. Frankly, it may not be enough. To make sure ample attention is being paid to them you can hire third-party agencies.  

At the Business Marketing Solutions Group, we can offer you what you need! Hit us up for a consultation that is tailored especially to you. 

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