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For many business owners and decisionmakers, rebranding only revolves around changing the logo of the company or its color scheme. While logo revamp is an integral part of a rebranding exercise, it can’t be all of it. A brand defines the total sum of experience and interaction clients have with a business through all the communication channels. The values and work ethics of a venture also contribute to shaping its brand.

Rebranding should also be done on the same lines. If we particularly talk about the rebranding of a construction company, one has to factor in various aspects before commencing the journey on that tricky path. More often than not, rebranding just for the sake of rebranding doesn’t deliver the required results. Therefore, one must categorically identify why they want to rebrand their construction venture.

People at the helm of a construction enterprise should proceed with rebranding on solid grounds. Here, we are listing down some reasons why a construction venture should mull over rebranding.

  • To stand out among the competition
  • Using it as one of the tools to address poor reputation
  • To get rid of outdated branding vectors
  • To match up with the expansion and evolution it experiences

If you think you have any of these reasons to rebrand your construction company, you should go ahead.

3 Measures to Consider While Rebranding a Construction Company

A rebranding exercise for one construction business can vary from the efforts of the other, depending on their size, scale, services, and radius of operations. Nonetheless, there are some crucial elements of rebranding that every construction enterprise should consider.

1. Add a Narrative to Your Brand

It has been observed that many local construction businesses don’t bother giving their brand a story and narrative that connects with the client on the emotional level. The rationale people give for not using a narrative in a construction company branding is: it doesn’t translate into any tangible results. It is true that a brand narrative is not going to sway your clients decisively to use your business.

However, it works at the subconscious level and for the long term. As a construction enterprise, you have many narratives to fiddle for rebranding your company. For instance, your brand story can revolve around how you are making people’s dreams come true by building their homes at a reasonable service fee.

Similarly, you can also weave the narrative around the dependability of your construction business and how people trust it with one of the biggest spendings of their lives. Once you have a well-defined brand narrative, you can inspire all your business operations from the elements found in that narrative (e.g. compassion, dependability, satisfaction, guarantee, etc).

You may not observe the results of this rebranding effort overnight. However, if you remain proactive in brandishing your brand story, you will soon get a distinguished position among the competing construction enterprises.

2. Give a Face-Lift to Your Offline and Online Fronts

Rebranding is mostly done for clients and therefore they must feel it when they visit your business. Make sure that the color scheme and interior setting and style of your office have changed and got more in line with the redefined brand elements. Today, construction companies are not operating from physical offices and locations only. A considerable section of their clientele reaches out to them on the internet as well.

Therefore, make sure your website and social media accounts get an extensive revamp. Since many construction websites are still stuck with non-responsive websites with static content. You need to change that during your rebranding exercise. Make sure that your construction website is not just a specimen of bare-minimum web development. It must have a responsive design, dynamic content silos, and lots of illustrative content.

Similarly, focus on your social media accounts. Instead of using them to put a post on the odd occasion, try using them as a vehicle for your brand narrative. Social media is an ideal medium to gradually build a story and that too without depleting your marketing resources.

3. Humanize Your Company and Brand

Studies and surveys suggest that people relate to and are willing to work with businesses that have a more humanizing outlook. A company that remains direct and stiff in its branding and doesn’t develop a personal connection with its customers appears as a non-humanized brand. A company or brand can serve a consumer to the best of its capacity but still couldn’t leave a long-lasting impression just because it appears cold and entails lesser human contact.

Construction companies are often blamed for having such a non-humanizing outlook. You should strive to change it while rebranding your construction venture. You can take these measures to humanize your construction brand.

  • Make your employees visible across platforms so potential clients can know who they are interacting with. Using employees as your brand promoters and sharing their stories can make your construction brand more humane and authentic.
  • Personalize your marketing. Try to reach out to your target prospects with as much customization as possible. Your message to them should not read and sound like a stock promotional copy.
  • Send welcome letters and emails and thank you notes while working with a client. These small gestures of kindness and courtesy go a long way in revamping your brand as a more humane one.
  • People relate to someone more when they hear their stories of failure. The same applies to brands and businesses. There is no harm in sharing stories of failure that has eventually culminated in success. Just don’t go too far with such stories where your company may start appearing more incompetent than inspiring.

Business Marketing Solutions Group can help you rebrand your construction company from every aspect. From streamlining your website design to promoting your PR activities and revamping your social media, it can assist your construction company in every step of its rebranding exercise.

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