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If your target audience is the professionals then what better platform to advertise your business than LinkedIn. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows marketers to target people based on what they do professionally instead of what they do in their personal lives. This is the platform where professionals network and connect.

So, if you’re ready to market and leverage the power of LinkedIn advertising, then this post is a good read as our experts share with you some tips and tricks that can help you set up your ads and improve your campaign over time.

Use LinkedIn Audience Attributes to Build Customer’s Persona

First things first, you need to make sure that you are reaching and advertising to the right audience with the right message and at the right place. So, to unlock the power of LinkedIn advertising, you need to build or create a buyer persona. This can be created by listing your ideal customer’s key traits and demographic information. You can also narrow down your customer persona by using other options too such as company name, education, job experience, interests, and traits.

By using this list of targeting options, you will be able to describe the ideal customer on LinkedIn, which is the first step to your ad success.

Choose Your Ad Type Wisely

The next step is to choose the type of advertisement that you want to run on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides marketers with a range of effective advertising options that gives you the ability to target messages to niche audiences. It supports a range of text, display, carousel, video and other advertising formats. Besides this, it also allows you to integrate lead generation forms too into the campaign for best results.

The three formats of LinkedIn ads are:

o Sponsored Content

This type of ad appears in the LinkedIn feeds directly of your target audience. It relates to the content that you sponsor. It is a good way of social advertising especially if you want to promote your content marketing efforts to the right target people. For example companies like Hubspot and Spredfast have used Sponsored ads on LinkedIn to earn nearly 400 and 500 percent leads with their target audience, respectively.

One of the best ways to make the most of sponsored ads campaign on LinkedIn is to have a conversion goal in place. You need to ensure that you run sponsored ads that help you collect leads as soon as they engage with your content.

o Text Ads

Text ads are different from sponsored ads. They appear around the web pages that people view while they are on LinkedIn. Text ads allow you to test multiple variations of your ads. Thus, you can rely on split testing to help you come up with a result-driven advertisement.

o Message Ads

Likewise, a message ad is another type of LinkedIn ad also known as sponsored InMail that delivers personalized content through LinkedIn Messenger. Marketers purchase them on a cost per send basis. This means that you only pay for the message that gets delivered on mobile and desktop.

So, choose an ad type wisely based on your campaign requirements and target results so that you can move in the right direction.

Optimize Campaign

To get the best results, it is crucial to optimize your ad campaign over the long-term. Try A/B testing to get the best results. For example, use A/B testing with two similar campaigns with slight variations in targeting criteria to see which combo is more effective and delivers better results.

A great tip here is to change only a few criteria at a time to isolate the part of your test impacted performance. For example, try testing job titles vs. skills, or industry versus job function and etc. Put simply, try to refine it over time. This will help you learn how to target and reach your audience the right way and with a greater impact.

In addition to this, it is advisable that you should also focus on split testing the conversion process and not only the ads. Such as, try to change around your landing pages or experiment with contacting people who sign up with you to see if they can be converted into customers on call as opposed to using an auto responder for converting them. Other than that, you can also use webinars to educate customers about what you do and how to help them.

Also, if you run text ads, then make sure to run new ads every month so that you don’t become a victim to banner blindness. Banner blindness is when your audience becomes less responsive to your ads as they are the same, and they become used to seeing them. So, keep changing your ads to keep audience hooked and interested.

When optimizing campaigns on Linked stay abreast with the analytics so that you know what content is delivering and what content is not achieving high levels of engagement as you would like otherwise. Buzzsumo is a great tool to view the content that is doing well for you niche.


LinkedIn is undoubtedly a lucrative platform for advertisers if used and tapped the right way. It can get your business the exposure and returns that you desire. However, how you leverage the power of LinkedIn ads to reach and convert your audience makes all the difference.

If you are struggling with limited resources or need experienced teams to create, run, and manage your social media ads, then get in touch with us. We are experts in this domain. We can help you use social media channels to your business advantage and get your targeted results. Give us a chance to impress you.

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