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Construction companies are often represented through bland marketing and forgettable ad campaigns. This is the reason why the majority of construction businesses still work through referrals instead of acquiring direct clients. However, having a bad marketing plan is not something that construction companies have to follow as a convention.

If you want to reach out to more clients, need to reimagine your company’s image, and want to reinvigorate the spirit of your employees, you need to build a brand out of your construction firm.

Branding is certainly difficult for ventures that don’t deal with everyday products/services or have a B2B working model, especially when we compare it to companies that sell carbonated drinks or snacks.

However, if a construction company executes the needed steps the right way and gets seasoned marketing experts on board, it can successfully pull off the branding stunt.

Here, we will discuss some measures that can help a construction company to turn into a brand.

Settle on the Image You Want to Make

Branding is all about the image and perception of your company in the client’s mind. So, you have to first decide on what attributes and values you want to be known for among your existing and prospective clients. A construction company can consider these couple of things to define its essence as a brand.

Reliability: Reliability is at the core of any construction project. So, it should also be at the core of your branding message. You need to convey it to the potential clients that you are a reliable and trustworthy business venture. Professional marketers can help you design campaigns that will be centered on the sole message of reliability and trustworthiness.

Professionalism: Ideally, every construction company must be highly professional with its operations. However, many clients may beg to differ. No matter how professional you already are, you need to convey it to your target market. How extensive your employee benefits packages are and how diligent you are with deadlines and the compliance of local and federal building and construction codes, you need to put it across in your promotional campaigns.

Supreme Quality: Uncompromised quality construction is not about doing a bare minimum just to make sure a project gets approved by the authority. You have to tell your potential clients that you are a firm believer in quality. From equipment to material and human resources, you only rely on the best of the best.

Good Value: While posturing as a premium construction brand, you also need to assure the target market that you are not going to break their banks. However, it is also important that you don’t appear as a low-priced/cheap option. In short, you have to tell your potential clients that you are offering more value instead of saying that your rates are cheap.

These four elements should be part of all your marketing campaigns. Keep in mind that branding is a dynamic and ongoing process, so it may take many campaigns to get people to relate your business with these values.

Logo and Catchphrase

Defining the elements and essence of your brand is undoubtedly the most integral part of your brand-building efforts. However, this alone is not enough. You need to represent this brand essence with something that has a better recall value so that people can easily and involuntarily remember it.

In short, a single image/symbol/logo or a phrase should be able to recap your company as a brand. There are many examples of such successful use of logos and catchphrases for branding. For instance,

when you see an “M” written in yellow against a red background in a specific font, you instantly recall one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world.

Similarly, a phrase as simple as “Just do it” encapsulates the philosophy of a billion-dollar apparel brand.

Even in the construction sector, we have many such examples of winning brand logos. Case in point: Caterpillar Inc.’s CAT symbol is iconic. So, a unique logo that is also easy to remember is really important if you want to turn your construction business into a brand.

Once you finalize a logo, make sure it intelligently appears in all your promotional content. This way, it will settle in the memory of your potential clientele. And in the long run, it will eventually be associated with your brand essence and core values.

Public Relations

PR is one of the oldest tools to establish a business as a brand. Different businesses have to approach PR exercise in different manners. For construction companies, the PR campaigns should be more personal. While brochures and white papers will come in handy, you must hold seminars and buffets for your potential clients. This will not just help you to establish your goodwill in the market. Such one-on-one interactions also help you in humanizing your company.

In other words, these meetings help potential clients become familiar with the team running the company. By humanizing your company and brand this way, you can also reinforce your essence of reliability and trustworthiness.

Maximize Your Visibility

A brand, regardless of the niche it falls in, can’t reach its full potential if it is not visible enough. Visibility means you should be omnipresent in the sphere your client moves. Your logo should be on your company vehicles, the sites you are currently working on, and billboards in the neighborhood. The distribution of pamphlets once in a while also increases visibility.

With digital marketing at your disposal, maximizing your company’s visibility has become easy and cost-effective. By spending a nominal amount, you can end up on the timelines of almost all of your target market.

By working on these four major areas, you will eventually succeed in turning your construction business into a brand. However, you will need the expertise of experienced marketers to execute this ambitious promotional activity. Business Marketing Solutions Group can help you in reaching out to maximum people with your brand messages. From designing your logo to promote your PR activities and manage your social media, it can assist you in every step of your branding efforts.

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