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The main purpose of marketing is to draw potential customers’ attention to your brand or business. To keep doing that effectively over a long period, marketers must keep in mind the current trends that are saturating the market and design their strategies accordingly. 

Your competitors are keeping up with the times, and if you want to stay in the race that is only getting tougher, have a look at these marketing trends you may have missed. They can not only help you market the brand better but also add value and equity to the brand by boosting its image in the public eye. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce was a dud as a digital marketing strategy in comparison to e-commerce when it came around. Now, it has been discovered to be a successful strategy by start-ups that use a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model. It showed that a great relationship could be built with the consumer without the involvement of a retail player.

By offering great product quality and valuing social interaction, social advertising converts clicks to actual purchases. This brings a new type of retail experience to the customers but is usually a tough act to follow. For content to be social and marketable it has to be intricately created which can prove to be a big challenge for the brand.


No longer is gaming only for teenagers. In 2018, the gaming industry gained monumental attention. The young people who were obsessed with Super Mario earlier are now into Pub-G, Fortnite, and other popular video games. This has opened up new doors in the world of marketing as well.

The advertising relationships and partnership opportunities are increasing, looming ever larger in the future. If a brand takes up the chance at the right time, there is a potential for exponential growth.

Social Causes

A good trend to follow is to become involved with a social cause. Depending on whatever is important to your brand’s personality, you can choose anything from animal welfare to gender equality to support. Aligning yourself with a cause adds equity to your company’s name. 

Some may consider it unethical to jump on social bandwagons to market a brand, and it may backfire by offending your audience. But as long as you are actually dedicated to the cause you are supporting and not just taking advantage of it, it is like killing the proverbial bird with two stones. Promise to donate a small portion of the gross profit to the cause yearly.


How you run your business, and especially how you treat your employees, matters to the consumers of today. They want to know whether the place they are spending their money at is ethical and environmentally conscious. Keeping transparency between the brand and the audience is becoming essential in the current era. 


Sustainability marketing is a way to build a relationship with consumers by letting them know you care about them and the planet. Improper disposal, unethical dumping, and other destructive acts by large companies threaten to ruin the delicately balanced environment, but you can make a change.

You can tell your customers that you care about their future generation by adopting environment-friendly acts; such as offering recyclability, launching sustainability campaigns, and being vocal about your views amongst other things.

Artificial Intelligence

More and more Smartphone users are opting to use voice-activated home systems such as Alexa by Amazon or the Google Home. They use these devices to search on the web and to purchase products- voice-activated AI is what they first turn to. To make the most of this, new trends are emerging in the digital world that would help relevant content reach relevant audiences in an increasingly precise manner.


Temporarily visible ‘stories’ have become a common feature in many social media platforms. Many brands have resorted to posting stories in vertical formats to fit the phone screen completely. In fact, story format marketing works about 15 times faster according to digital marketing surveys. 

To make the most of this platform, one requires a level of technical understanding with respect to short videos, stickers, geotags and a whole bunch of other accompaniments. Some brands use aesthetically pleasing images to catch the viewer’s attention, and offer easy access to the brand’s e-commerce website, often by just sliding up from the bottom of the screen!


Exaggerated marketing has become a thing of the past. Customers value authenticity and honesty from their brand; they would prefer an honest account of what you can and cannot do for them instead of an inflated idea. 

As the virtual world becomes integrated with the real lives of people, they want their brands to connect with them on a personal level. It is no secret that a successful relationship can only be built on trust and loyalty. 


The emphasis on influencers can be explained in connection to the need for authenticity. The microcosms they create on their social media platform of choice or personal blog are made up of real people- rather than hordes of programmed bots. 

This need for more authenticity means customers gravitate towards genuine sources of information. The opinions of these influencers are perceived as valuable. This is why brands have been approaching them ever more in the past few years.

If you are interested in knowing how these trends can work for your brand in particular, reach out to us at Business Marketing Solutions Group and we promise to help! You can get a consultation for a complete marketing strategy perfectly suited to the particular requirements of your business. 

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