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Welcome to the Business Legends Podcast! Where we interview business leaders and entrepreneurs so we can learn from their successes and apply them to our own business to grow!
On today’s episode, we sit down with Rani Ghaziri. He is the Founder & Executive Director for Queen City Mutiny FC, a youth soccer club that’s mission is to develop world-class professional players through unique methodology and values.
Today we discuss his background, his success stories, and the challenges of finding the right players for their model!

Want to learn more about Rani, Queen City Mutiny FC, and what they do? Check out their work here:
Website: ⁠https://qcmutiny.com/⁠
LinkedIn: ⁠https://www.linkedin.com/company/queen-city-mutiny/⁠
Rani Ghaziri’s LinkedIn: ⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/rani-ghaziri-b964508/⁠

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