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With the exponential growth of social media on the digital horizon, many businesses and individuals have stopped using email as a marketing tool. Some people even go on to suggest that email marketing is not a viable promotional tool anymore. However, that is not the case at all.

Email marketing is as relevant for the promotion of an enterprise, especially in the B2B domain, as it was, say, 5 years ago. Not taking anything away from social media marketing, but you can’t consider it as a replacement for email marketing. Both are important in their own right and required for their unique advantages.

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Matters in 2020

Like any other promotional tool, email marketing also needs adjustments and upgrades time and again to keep itself relevant and its effectiveness intact. For instance, there was a time when you would spam your recipients and still managed to get the desired result. You can’t get away with such shoddy practices today.

So, if you have competent people on board to run your email marketing campaigns, you can continue to benefit from it. Here are some reasons why we think email marketing matters for the digital promotion of a business.

1. Statistical Evidence

Let’s start with the statistical evidence that shows that email marketing is here to stay as an online promotional tool. McKinsey & Company is a reputable American management consulting firm. It has been publishing research reports on various management and marketing aspects for more than 50 years. Its research and survey report on email marketing offers some significant takeaways.

  • Email marketing still delivers the highest ROI among all different digital marketing channels, including social media. It has been estimated that an enterprise can get up to $44 ROI on every single dollar spent with email marketing.
  • The majority of B2B marketers believe that lead generated through email has better quality than the ones nurtured on social media platforms. In light of this survey and available data, McKinsey has estimated that email marketing is 40 times more effective in making new customers in comparison to Twitter, Facebook.
  • More than two-thirds of surveyed marketers believe that email marketing is still the best strategy to improve overall marketing ROI.
  • Around 92% of adults that are online use email and the majority of them use it for professional engagements, making it an ideal vehicle for B2B propositions.

These hard facts about email marketing clearly show that you can’t ignore it in your digital marketing spectrum this year or the next.

2. Email Provides Unmatched Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing and market segmentation are the buzzwords of today’s promotional world. Email marketing is an uncontested winner of these promotional requirements. With traditional means of promotion (print and electronic ads), you can only control your target audience based on geography and demography to some extent.

Social media enable you to narrow down your target. However, it also comes with limitations. For instance, you still can’t fully personalize your marketing message if you are running a big campaign.

On the other hand, email lets you target the exact audience you consider your potential market. You can select the location, age group, profession, income bands, and many other parameters that you want to

target. Similarly, you can improvise it in line with the status of a certain lead in the sales funnel. You don’t get such liberty of segmentation and customization with any other digital marketing tool.

3. Email Allows You to Harness Your Brand

Building your brand and giving it recognition among your target audience is no mean feat. However, this task gets more difficult when you are dealing in the B2B sector. If an enterprise is not a multinational conglomerate or has its boardroom filled with investors, there is no way it can effectively harness its brand among other businesses.

A well-thought-out email marketing campaign spanning months or even a year can help an organization get other businesses to recognize its brand. This is not possible on any other medium and at the outlay that email marketing entails.

4. The Success or Failure of Email Marketing Is Measurable

A marketing method that can be evaluated more scientifically is considered more suitable for business promotion. When you can measure the success or failure of a marketing campaign in numbers, you get in a better position about the dos and don’ts for the next promotional outing.

Email marketing is measurable in many ways. From open rate to bounce rate and then click-through rate— you can dissect the entire journey of your email promotion in numbers.

5. Email Marketing Is Inexpensive

Last but not least, email marketing is the most inexpensive option among all the available digital marketing channels. Besides McKinsey, the Direct Marketing Association has also estimated that ROI with email marketing can reach and cross 4,000% if done right. Such a whopping ROI makes email marketing the most cost-effective promotional measure among digital and conventional marketing channels.

Email Marketing in 2020

As mentioned earlier, you need to adapt to changing times with your email marketing strategies and its details. While personalization and endearing/resonating subject lines are a must for a modern promotional email, you also need to take care of some other aspects as well. For instance:

  • Make your email draft sharable: If you are sharing useful information that a recipient may like to share with its contacts, you have to add share buttons in your mail draft. This will allow your recipients to share it across various platforms, increasing the penetration of your promotional message.
  • Optimize your email: A significant number of recipients now open emails on their cell phones. So, make sure your email has been optimized for mobile devices and don’t frustrate recipients with zooming and fill-in (where required) glitches.

If you are convinced about the effectiveness of email marketing as a digital promotional tool, get in touch with Business Marketing Solutions Group. Their experts can help your business formulate an email marketing campaign that meets your desired goals.

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