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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to reconsider their digital marketing strategies. Now that the world is adapting to quarantine, work-at-home, and social distancing norms, the changes in the digital sphere are unprecedented. Digital Marketing in the time of COVID-19 is evolving owing to the rapid changes in media consumption. Data shows that nearly 50% of consumers are using social media more as compared to March. 

So, as behavior shifts, how can businesses adapt to this change? Is a COVID-19 digital marketing strategy necessary?

Let’s find out!

Digital Marketing in COVID-19

Brands around the world have realized that they must be agile enough to respond instantly to new channels for continuity. More importantly, with online traffic increasing, they need to recognize that there’s an opportunity to grow at every hurdle. eCommerce was already thriving before the pandemic, so many businesses already had a great online presence.

How you respond in these desperate times will determine whether your business will survive the pandemic of not. This challenge calls out all the leaders, innovators, out-of-the-box thinkers, and trendsetters to realign their digital marketing strategy with consumer demands during COVID-19.

Here are 8valuabledigital marketing tips to help you survive the pandemic:

1.     Adjust Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As a business, you need to identify ways to connect with a new target market. This time you’re interacting with people who are worried, bored, and facing many uncertainties. So, focus your efforts on those people who are stuck at home and unable to physically shop. Empathy is key to ensure that your marketing campaigns are appropriate, so you can attract these consumers. Adjustments in your digital marketing strategy can include;

  • Changes in operating hours or timings.
  • FAQs regarding COVID-19 preventive measures with your branding
  • Business number updates in case you’re working from home
  • Modifications in products or services to meet current consumer demand. For example, restaurants can shift to a takeaway and delivery-only model.
  • Live chat integration in your website for real-time communication

2.     Review of Keywords

Search terms have changed due to the influence of changing market trends and economic conditions. According to Google and Alexa, search interest for the word ‘coronavirus’ rose by 260%. Apart from spikes, there have also been drops in many search items, including ‘near me’, while anything with ‘delivery’ is constantly rising.

You need to do your keyword research and ROI from specific search words to learn what your customers need from you in COVID-19 times.

3.     Improve Your Website

Every problem presents an opportunity if you look for it. With business down, you have more time to review your website, your audience, and market segments. In this time, you can give your website a fresh look, optimize its performance and navigation, and add new content as well. You can forecast which market segments will come back first and which segments you want to target the most.

4.     Revise Your PPC Strategy

You are also likely to update your PPC campaigns with the changes in your keywords. The idea is to provide updated information to let your audience know you have adapted to COVID-19. For example, you can include keywords with modifiers like ‘online,’ ‘special promotion’, and ‘delivery services’.

5.     Update Your Business Communication Channels

In COVID-19 times, more people are online than ever before. They are looking for information and new sources of entertainment. They will have questions about different brands, products, timings, orders, technical issues, refunds, and many others. This means that you need to up your communication game in these times if you do not want to lose customers.

Consumers are more impatient now, so social media messaging won’t cut it. You need to add more communication channels like text and email marketing, live chat support, and instant messaging. Different channels should complement each other according to the urgency of the query.

For example, if a customer has a query regarding your limited-time promotion, you need to respond instantly using a direct channel, so the customer doesn’t miss out on the information.

6.     Don’t Stop Social Media Posting

Social media posting should be the go-to strategy in reviving your business communication. Since many people are stuck indoors, you have the opportunity to engage them with a regular online presence. Your customers need to know that your brand is alive, and simple posts like opening hours and delivery options help customers find information and make decisions.

However, ensure that your posts are considerate and should depict that you are aware of COVID-19. For example, you can express concern and solidarity with the front line workers. You can also target them in your digital marketing campaign to boost exclusivity.

7.     Revamp Your Marketing Approach

Before the pandemic, most businesses had their go-to digital marketing strategies. Some worked on SEO and email marketing to bring results. Now, it may be time to add something new to your digital marketing campaign because now, you’re not only targeting your target audiences, but also those who never considered buying from your brand before.

So, think about posting new content to boost your brand awareness. You need to give new leads a reason to connect with your brand at a deeper level.

8.     Engage With Your Loyal Customers

The pandemic has shown businesses that it’s not always a great time to sell. Sometimes, engaging with your loyal customers is good enough to keep them around. Your customers like your products or services for many reasons, so it’s time to show that you care for them as well. Maintaining customer loyalty is key even when you cannot provide them your goods and services. Your relationship should be so strong with them that they are eager for your store to open, or they buy from you regardless of the peak in prices.

Bring More Customers Back

The COVID-19 pandemic has called for a change for all businesses and the economy. There is no running away from it, so you might as well join the fight. No businessese like this situation, but many have taken advantage of the unique opportunity to review their digital marketing strategies. They know their strengths and weaknesses of the past and can use them to forecast the changes in the market to strategize accordingly.

With these tips, you can bring back your old customers and more. And if you need help reviving your business, we recommend that you try the services of a Digital Marketing Agency and boost your online presence.

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