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The previous decade (2009-2019) belongs to social media beyond any doubt. In that period, we have witnessed several social media platforms transforming from niche social networks into multi-billion tech companies. More than half of the world population has also started using social media in the last 10 years. Eventually, it has also turned into the most popular channel for promotion.

Today, no digital promotion plan is considered complete without the involvement of social media. The prevalence of social media has reached an extent where some people consider it the whole digital medium. There is no doubt that the majority of targeted consumers of every business are active social media users. However, considering social media as the entirety of the digital landscape is a mistaken idea.

If you are making a holistic digital promotion plan, you can’t ignore email marketing. Contrary to popular belief, many consumers prefer to find out about a new product or service via email rather than any other marketing channel. Moreover, email marketing offers one of the highest ROIs among all digital marketing options.

In short, email marketing is as integral to a digital promotion plan as social media. However, the problem is many businesses don’t know how to come up with a marketing strategy that features both social media and email marketing. While it is easy to take care of social media in a digital promotion plan, the tricky part is the integration of email marketing.

Here, we are going to discuss how you can integrate email marketing into your digital promotion plan.

6 Ways of Integrating Email Marketing in a Digital Promotion Plan

There are multiple ways to synergize email marketing with social media and vice versa. Let’s see how you can do that to create an outcome-driven digital promotion strategy.

1. Profile your Entire Email Subscriber List

If you already have an email subscriber list but haven’t done the demographic or psychographic analysis of its entries, you can do that by profiling them via their social media. You can use the email addresses to find out your subscribers’ social media accounts. From there, you can find the age group, occupation, hobbies, interest, and other critical information about your potential consumers.

After gathering all this data and creating small profiles of the entries in your subscriber list, you can make your email promotion more personalized and targeted. The other benefit of carrying out this search and profile exercise is you can do it on your own without bothering subscribers by asking them for their personal information.

2. Market Your Email List as an Exclusive Club

Businesses with a considerable social media presence can give a head-start to their email marketing campaigns by introducing the concept of an exclusive club. We all know that not all social media followers are potential customers for any business. This is the reason why social media promotional campaigns don’t always offer the desired ROI.

If you want to filter out the right prospects among all your social media following, start an exclusive email club and promote it across social platforms. Set some requirements for including people in that exclusive club (e.g., users who have bought at least once from you or people who have referred your

page to a certain number of contacts). This shortlisting of strong prospective customers will help you in running your sales funnel in a better manner.

3. Include Social Media Links in Your Email

If you want to perfectly incorporate email in your digital marketing plan, consider including your social media links to emails you are sending out to your subscribers. Emails that have social media links and icons experience a higher click-through rate than regular promotional emails. This way, you don’t just increase the recipient’s curiosity but also improve numbers on your social media.

4. Retarget Your Email Subscribers on Social Media

This measure is an extension of the first heading. Once you have profiled your subscribers via their social media accounts, you can target them on the same platforms through sponsored ads. Make sure that the ads you are using for this retargeted marketing must address the intent, interest, and pain points you have identified of your potential customers during their profiling.

5. Embed Social Media Posts in Your Email

This is another way to turn your digital promotion into cross-platform activity. You can embed social media posts in your emails and let recipients post them on their respective accounts. However, make sure that these posts are not overly promotional. They must contain some useful information that drives recipients to post it on their Facebook or Instagram feed or retweet it.

6. Give Your Email Subscribers an Option

Many of your email subscribers are perhaps not that active in checking their inboxes anymore. Therefore, it is better if you ask your subscriber if they want to receive promotions, discounts, and other marketing stuff through their social media accounts. Also, ask them about their favorite social media platform. This little email survey will help you in segmenting your prospective customers across various digital channels and for tailoring more result-oriented campaigns for every single platform (including email).

Integration of Email Marketing in a Digital Promotion Plan Is Crucial

If you have gone through the statistics for social media and email marketing, you would know that you can’t put the latter on the backburner. Email marketing is equally essential as social media marketing for a digital promotion strategy. Email registers better numbers than any individual social media platform. There are around 3.9 billion email users in the world. On the other hand, the collective users of social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) amount to 3.93 billion.

Moreover, emails have a longer shelf life than any social media post. A tweet or a Facebook/Instagram post buries in the torrent of posts in an hour or two. This doesn’t happen with email. It gets a prominent place in the inbox where it keeps on getting impressions after several days.

If you want to devise a holistic digital marketing plan that has email as its well-integrated part, get in touch with Business Marketing Solutions Group. The firm can also assist you in the social media management of your enterprise. You can also reach out to its experts for web designing and logo creation.

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