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Construction is among the first few commercial activities that kicked off with the arrival of the industrial revolution. These long-established roots of the construction landscape make it slow to adapt to various operational, marketing, and sales changes. Case in point: many companies are still working without devising a standalone Business-2-Business (B2B) marketing strategy for their construction business.

Construction companies are among those few ventures that have B2B and B2C scopes on equal footings. If you own a construction company working without any well-defined marketing strategy, especially for the B2B base, continue reading this article. Here, we will discuss how you can create a promotional plan to improve your construction company’s outreach among other businesses.

Identify Niches and Target Accordingly

A construction company needs to categorize businesses that can eventually turn into potential clients. Especially if your construction enterprise offers a range of services, you need to identify different B2B niches for them and then reach out to them accordingly.

For instance, public enterprises often require paint jobs and remodeling services, so you can reach out to them, specifically with those offers. Private limited companies often need construction services for extensions and new buildings. For them, you need to set different marketing tone and service packages. Department stores are in more need of flooring reconstruction and remodeling than any other business. You can devise particular floor remodeling packages and reach out to potential stores.

In short, you need to customize your marketing message for different groups of businesses. This customization will help you turn more prospects into leads in comparison to a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign. It is important to mention here that identifying niches and their respective construction requirements require a lot of groundwork. So, you must have a marketing research team that can carry out this niche identification for you.

Devise an Enticing Referral Program

Many decision-makers believe that referral programs only work in B2C promotions. However, that’s not the case. If you are devising a well-thought-out referral program, you can also introduce it among your B2B prospects. At the end of the day, everyone loves discounts and incentives, whether it is an individual or an entire enterprise.

You can improve the outlook of a B2B referral program by factoring in these things.

  • Make sure that you offer something (discount or a complimentary service) that affects the client’s bottom line for better.
  • Make it easy for businesses to register for the referral program. A hard-to-utilize referral program is of no use.
  • Make sure you don’t go overboard with your claims in referral promotions. A business accepts another business’s referral base on its reputation. If you can’t deliver up to your promises and expectations, you will affect your own reputation as well as that of the business that has referred you. It is a lose-lose situation for every party involved in that overhyped referral program.

Improve Your Visibility on the Search Engines

B2B marketing landscapes always sport fierce competitions. If you own a smalltime construction company, it can get challenging to contest against all the industry’s big sharks, especially in terms of marketing and promotions. A large company many boast a marketing budget that is equal to or more than the total operating expenses of a small construction gig.

In such a bind, you need to bank on the power of search engines. For that, you need to streamline your online front through SEO practices. SEO’s beauty is that it doesn’t give any leeway and benefit to business for their sheer size and operations. A construction conglomerate can’t top a local construction company for a given search query if it doesn’t use contemporary SEO measures to streamline its online front.

SEO provides small construction companies an opportunity to outshine large companies in the B2B marketing race. A small construction enterprise needs to produce quality content intended for potential B2B customers. They have to ensure their content provides unconditional value to users. They also need to optimize it for more likely queries that a business could make to find their operations on the web. For instance, ventures searching for “cheap flooring in [given area]” should find your floor construction company in above-the-fold entries on the first page of the search result.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

There is another prevailing misconception among businesses that social media is a playground for B2C marketing only. Social media has evolved quite a lot in the last decade or so. Today, it is not being used just for pastime indulgence. Businesses and professionals are also using it for networking and reaching out to each other.

One report suggests that a significant number of expertise-based referrals are made on social media. This means businesses and professionals assess their peers based on their social media profiles and interact with them there instead of establishing a separate communication line.

By creating your construction company’s LinkedIn profile and streamlining its social media accounts, you can essentially improve your reputation and outreach among peers. A business may vet your company on social media before making the final call. Your professional and clean accounts across various platforms will do the last bit of work in terms of persuasion.

Work on Your Website

Last but not least, you need to make sure that your website is up to the standards of your revised B2B marketing strategy. Whether it is an individual customer or a business client, your website will be your company’s first introduction to them. Make sure your landing page boasts clear call-to-action. A business looking for any service wants to end up on a page that doesn’t beat about the bush.

Also, make sure the website is responsive and feature content silos that make the entire website accessible without too much tapping and clicking through the pages. Business Marketing Solutions Group can help your construction company devise and execute a winning B2B marketing strategy. Its experts can improve a construction company’s online presence by working on its SEO, social media, and website. You can also hire them to manage event marketing and launch paid digital marketing campaigns for your construction business.

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